Zataar (Thyme)


What is it:

This supremely aromatic spice blend combines toasted sesame seeds, dried thyme, oregano, salt, ground sumac and other spices.

Nutritional Benefits:

A staple of the Middle East for many centuries, zaatar is incredibly popular in this region and because it’s a mixture of various ingredients that are already healthy on their own, the combination makes it truly an impressive healthy addition to your diet. Zaatar helps treat chronic diseases, Clear respiratory tracks, increase energy, soothe inflammation, improve the immune system, build strong bones, improve mood, aid memory and clear respiratory tracks.

How to use:

Za’atar makes an excellent spice blend for flavoring roasted and vegetables, breads, and meats and is a popular dip with olive oil and bread. Combining zaatar with labne, a creamy, spreadable cheese made from yogurt, is also a classic. Using a little in a salad dressing with lemon juice and olive oil for a simple way to dress up your salad.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 610 × 460 × 460 mm

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